If you want any customized or ad-hoc data extracts from VSafe, VAERS, or other publicly available databases, we offer these services as well. The pricing will depend upon the labor and complexity involved in creating the dataset.  Contact support@vaxxsafedata.com for more information.

Examples include:

  • you want National data, not just by state
  • you want to see ALL of the VSafe responses for a given state, even if their symptoms are not serious
  • you want to see ALL of the VSafe responses for patients who responded “SEVERE” to 4 or more symptoms
  • you want to see all records, all states, but only for respondents who had at least 4 severe symptoms, or who went to the hospital or ER
  • you want to see the # of VSafe respondents per state who had severe adverse events
  • you want data from the VAERS database, for certain symptoms, or date ranges, or days after the vaccine

Check back often as we intend to update this site regularly with new data!