Vaccine safety has become a hot, and often controversial, topic in the United States long before COVID-19 hit. Between anecdotal stories, clinical trials, and peer-reviewed papers, it can be difficult for anyone to make a sound, informed decision about what we choose to put in our bodies. Is it safe? Is it effective?

To help answer these important questions, the CDC developed a system called “V-Safe” during the COVID-19 public health emergency. V-Safe is a vaccine adverse event reporting cell phone app whereby users voluntarily record their post-vaccine symptoms from their phone. Over 10 million people utilized V-Safe, which accumulated more than 140 million rows total.  The data, which is  nearly 27 GB, is too large for most people to download, much less open in Excel to analyze.  It also requires multiple joins to other tables for the data to be usable. Therefore we sliced the data into usable chunks, by state, and linked the response data with registrant data and vaccination dates.

Our hope is that this data can be leveraged by researchers and departments of health to make vaccines as safe as possible. The cost of the data covers maintenance of the website and the labor involved in performing extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of the data.

Download Free COVID-19 VSafe Sample Data & Data Dictionary (500 rows):

Data Elements included in COVID-19 VSafe data are:


Column NameData Sorted byDescriptionNumeric or Character
abdominal_painsymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
chillssymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
coadministeredwas another vaccine co-administered? Yes/notext
coadministered_vaxwhich vaccine was co-administered? (for example, flu)text
days_after3# days after that event startednumeric
diarrheasymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
dose_num2dose numbernumeric
duration_minsduration of the symptom in minutestext
fatiguesymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
feeling_todayhow is respondent feeling todaytext
feverfever: yes or notext
guardian_registrant_codeguardian registrant code if guardian of a minortext
had_symptomshad symptoms: yes or notext
headachesymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
health_impactcombination of choices: unable to work, unable to attend school, unable to perform activities of daily living, get care from a medical professionaltext
health_nowhealth now is poor, fair, or goodtext
health_now_comparisonhealth now in comparison to (?): poor, fair, or goodtext
healthcare_visitscombination of choices: emergency room, hospitalization, outpatient clinic or urgent care, telehealth visit,text
hospitalwent to emergency room or hospital (does not include urgent care)text
itchingsymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
joint_painssymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
muscle_or_body_achessymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
nauseasymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
num_severe_symptoms# of severe symptoms, out of 14 possiblenumeric
painsymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
preferred_languagepreferred languagetext
rash_outside_injection_sitesymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
rednesssymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
registered_datedate registereddate
registrant_code1unique registrant (survey respondent) codetext
relationshiprelationship, if guardian of a minortext
seek_medical_caresought medical help of any kindtext
site_reactioncombination of choices: pain, itching, redness, and swelling text
started_ondate symptom started ontext
started_on_timetime symptom startedtext
statecodestate abbreviationtext
survey_static_idsurvey id which captures dose number and days after vaccinationtext
swellingsymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
systemic_reactioncombination of several symptoms such as: chills, pain, fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash outside injection site, vomitingtext
temp_celtemperature in celsius (number)numeric
temp_fartemperature in farenheit (number)numeric
temperature_celsiustemperature celsius (character)text
temperature_farenheittemperature farenheit (character)text
temperature_readingdid you take your temperature? Yes/notext
tested_positivetested positive for COVID-19: yes or notext
tested_positive_datedate tested positive for COVID-19text
unable_to_flagunable to work or attend school or perform activites of daily livingtext
vaccination_datevaccination date for the line that the data is on (particular registrant, dose, and days after)text
vaccine_caused_health_issuesdo you think vaccine caused your health issues: yes or notext
vaxxdate_dose1vaccine dose 1 datedate
vaxxdate_dose2vaccine dose 2 datedate
vaxxdate_dose3vaccine dose 3 datedate
vaxxdate_dose4vaccine dose 4 datedate
vaxxdate_dose5vaccine dose 5 datedate
vomitingsymptom: mild, moderate, severetext
zip_codefirst 3 digits of zip code, which is enough to identify a statenumeric